Best Blogging apps for beginners

Best Blogging apps for beginners 

Bloggers create new and original content and the amount of work that is required to come up with new ideas is time consuming.  Writing new blog posts has always been about sharing your own experiences and telling people about something you know more about on the internet. 
Every blogger wants people to view their content and give their feedback about it. With the growing usage of new technology and innovation, there are thousands of apps on iOS, Windows and Android etc. These apps can be used on your smartphones, you don't always require laptops and computers to finish your task. 
Here are some must have blogging apps that you should use if you blog consistently and update your blogs every now and then. 

1. Google Drive

This app is completely free and allows you to store all kinds of documents including PDF, word documents, excel worksheets, photos, audio, videos and many other files. You can sync these to your google account and access them anywhere, anytime!  

2. Disqus

Disqus is a commenting system that has blogging community features which brings bloggers to comment back on your posts. You can publish your responses, open discussions and moderate your comments to prevent spam using this app. 

3. Evernote 

It is a very useful app to create notes and store them. You can even create images and add text to them, create a check list or draw sketches and doodle about whatever comes to your mind. Your notes are stored and synced so that you can access them on any device you are using. 

4. Canva

This app is basically a graphic design platform that enables users to create their own templates, logos, banners, posters, presentations, media kits and much more. They have over 60,000+ templates and images free. The Pro version costs approximately $12 per months which is billed annually. They provide a 14 day free trial for the Pro version and even offer it for free to registered non-profit organizations. 

5. (Adobe Photoshop) Lightroom

This app makes it easy for it's users to create, edit and store their photos and designs. No internet access is needed for every second you spend on the app. They offer free memberships and trials. The app is completely free to use on your mobile phones now. You can also purchase lightroom from the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan for $9.99/- per month. It is a great app for editing and adding filters to your photos.

6. Procreate
This app is available only for iOS and iPadOS. It is a graphic design app which costs $9.99/- per month to use. It is worth the money as it has very powerful features and illustration work. This works best with the apple pencil that comes with iPad devices. It is used for painting, sketching, doodling etc. 

7. Pinterest

This app was launched in 2010 and it is a kind of a search engine and is a great way to drive traffic to your blog. It uses a different  concept of pins, boards, repins etc to share your content and promote others content at the same time, this way bloggers, influencers, small buisnesses and other organizations can grow together. There are many Group Boards created by users to promote your pins and drive traffic to your sites. If you pin consistently and share 10-15 fresh pins everyday, you can sky rocket your Pinterest Analytics and get your website noticed.  

8. Hootsuite 
This is basically a social media management platform which was created in 2008. It supports social media integrations for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. You don't need a social media manager for your brand as Hootsuite plays a perfect manager for all your social media handles. It has a free plan but unfortunately it's very much limited where you can post upto 30 scheduled posts and only create one user for 3 social media platforms. It has 4 plans that have different pricings and features. The Professional plan is for $29 per month, Team for $129 per month, Buisness for $599 per month and if you want their enterprise plan, you have to contact the platform directly. You can use Tailwind as an alternative for Hootsuite for your Instagram and Pinterest posts.

9. Twitter

Twitter is the best social networking platform after Pinterest for users to tweet and interact with other people who are interested in the same niche as your own. Users can like, tweet and retweet their content, links, images, videos etc. You can take part in Twitter threads to promote you content with others, find a vast blogging community and interact with more bloggers. There is also a high chance that you get noticed by brands and influencers and you can collaborate with them easily. 

10. Facebook

Facebook is a social media corporation that gives people the power to connect with friends, family, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances etc and keep in touch with them. Also, this platform can help bloggers find various other people who blog about the same niche by joining Facebook Groups about a particular topic. Using Facebook Groups is similar to Tailwind Tribes. If it's an open group, you can join it easily, but if it's a private group, you have to place a request to join it which is moderated by the group admin. Overall it is a good platform to share your blog posts by creating your own Pages. 

11. Instagram

This photo and video sharing network is popular among every blogger and influencer. You can share your latest blog posts on your stories or feed and notify people to read them. But, it is not the best platform to get clicks on your links as the only way to share your links is in your bio. If you have more than 10,000 followers, only then you will be able to share your links in Instagram stories by adding the "SwipeUp"  feature in your story. Instagram makes it very hard for you to share links and it's impossible to gain link clicks. 

12. Grammarly
It is the best app to correct your grammar, eliminate errors and improve your text. You can use this for enhancing your vocabulary and communication skills in English. This is a kind of spell checker application that checks and corrects everything you write online, it can underline errors you make in a nano second so that you can make sure you correct your mistakes in time. It is a free application but if you want the paid premium version, you have to pay $29.95 per month, the free version however is definitely the better option. 

I hope you liked this list of essential blogging applications. It's up to you to chose which application interests you the best. If you use any other applications to create content, feel free to let me know in the comments. 
Hope you are doing fine. Stay safe, happy and healthy! 


  1. Those are some really helpful apps. I love canva so much. It makes it so easy to find templates and edit them according to your requirements.

  2. I pretty much use all of these apps, I haven't tried Evernote so I might give that a go! Thank you for sharing!

    Amber -

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