Travel Essentials - the must pack items in your suitcase

What should you pack in your travel suitcase? 

What are travel essentials in general? 
Well, travel essentials are the must pack travel items that you should have in your suitcase whenever you go on a vacation to your desired destinations. 
It is kind of a travel checklist that has a detailed list of the must-have's starting from toiletries and much more. A lot of people have packing anxiety , but fear not! If you make a list of items you need before packing and check them again when you're done organizing your suitcase, it can make your vacation run swiftly without any bad experiences.    
If you are planning on a budget vacation , then there would be cheap air travel  which means that you have to pack a suitcase that is light weight but can fit all your travel essentials.

 So, you can chose duffel bags (which are simple, lightweight and durable) or travel with a carry on luggage  (which you can carry on your shoulders) or chose a suitcase with wheels (which makes it 
easier to pull your luggage along with you).

Now a days, there are many packing cubes available in the market that help to you compartmentalize your clothes, shoes and other travel gears  inside your suitcase. This ensures smart use of space and prevents your luggage to get messy and entangled in one another.

Basic Clothing pack list:-

  1. You should pack lightweight clothing   so that you don't feel stuffed and uncomfortable during the whole trip
  2.  Pack long sleeved shirts ( in case you go for adventures in caves or forests, to prevent insect bites)
  3. Sweaters or jackets (if you go on a trip during winter seasons)
  4. T- shirts and tank tops ( there are some cultures that require you to dress respectfully, especially if you are visiting temples, mosques or churches, so avoid wearing shorts / one pieces / ripped denims etc in places of worship) 
  5. Pants, skirts or shorts. 
  6. Socks (if you are opting for hiking or camping)
  7. Comfortable walking shoes / sport shoes 
  8. Underwear
  9. Rain jackets, folding umbrellas, gum boots
  10. Windcheaters (windbreaker)
  11. Sunglasses and cases to put them in
  12. Your sleepwear / pajamas 
  13. Jewelry (pack it in mini cubes or makeup pouches
  14. Sunscreen lotion and hats/ caps
  15. Cell phones, charger, headphones , earphones/air pods and travel speakers ,  iPod  etc
  16. Travel pillow, ear plugs  , eye mask etc
  17. Toiletry bag
  18. Tooth brush, tooth paste, hair brush, deodrant
  19. Shampoo , conditioner (if your booked hotel does not provide it)
  20. Lip balm , lipstick/ lip gloss, moisturizer 
  21. Personal/ feminine hygiene items (like sanitary pads, tampons etc)
  22.  Hair gel, beard oil, hair spray, hair serum 
  23. Travel towel 
  24. Tissues / handkerchiefs 
  25. First aid kit
  26. Your prescribed medicines 
  27. Mosquito repellent gel/spray 
  28. Hand sanitizers
  29.  Selfie sticks , Camera , Adapters , wireless / portable chargers
  30. E- readers like Kindle ( Kindle Paper white ) kindle case and screen protector / screen guards
  31. Travel documents like passports, visas, Identity cards, Driving licence etc 
  32. Credit cards and cash
  33. Booking details, reservations , air tickets , tour itenary etc
  34. Travel apps to guide you through the area and help you understand the local language.
  35.  Travel lock  (which will help prevent theft of your luggage)
  36. Mini flashlight/torch
  37. Travel  Laptops 
  38. Power banks
  39. Sleeping bags  (if you go camping)
  40. Scarfs, gloves, mufflers etc.

Well, this is called smart packing. That's all you need, to be all set for your upcoming trip! These hacks can help you pack smartly and make your luggage very light so that you don't have to go through overweight baggage charges. Hope you find these items important enough to be packed. You can share other items that you prefer to pack in the comment section. 


  1. Aw, this is so helpful. I enjoy reading this. Indeed, packing anxiety can lead to disaster lol. I still remember my first flight experience back in 2016 haha. Hoping to travel anytime soon x

    Stay safe ❤️

  2. Great tips to pack before going on a trip! This helps a lot

  3. Great suggestions here! Thank you for sharing 😊

    1. You're welcome. Thanks for commenting 😊👍

  4. Your list will help me a lot for sure! I always forget stuff when I travel!! Great post!!

  5. These are some great suggestions. I've never tried packing cubes before but I'm looking at getting some for my next trip.

    1. Glad you find it useful. Thank you for your comment!

  6. Lots of great info here! I would add a sleeping bag liner if you plan on camping often ,oneo bringing one of those was life changing for me :)

    1. Yes, we should pack sleeping bags, first aid kit, water and light snacks while camping. Thank you for your comment! Have a great day :)

  7. This is great advice! I will use these tips the next time we go on vacation....whenever the lockdown has been lifted.

    1. Thank you for your comment! Have a great day ahead :-)


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