Top 25 things to do while you're in quarantine


While the whole world is in quarantine and social distancing has become a must, you must be thinking, "How do I utilize my time?"
Most of us are working from home, but it can get tiring as well as it can make us feel drained of all our energy. So, you can indulge yourself in the mentioned activities whenever you get free time to make yourself  feel better and to enjoy staying at home

1) Try Doodling 
There are many apps to doodle on google play store or the apple app store, or you can simply take a pen and paper and start doodling about what comes to your mind while thinking. This is a simple and easy way to pin down your thoughts in a simple drawing. 

2) Make a DIY  face/hair mask
You can find many videos on YouTube regarding this topic. The best part about this is, you can make face masks with ingredients already available in your kitchen.

3) Try Different makeup looks
There are tons of YouTube tutorials to watch and try different make up looks. You cannot go out, but that doesn't mean you can't get ready right?

4) Improve your cooking skills by making your favorite cuisine 
Cooking can relieve a lot of stress. You can try to cook different dishes every weekend. The famous Dalgona Coffee trend is also becoming viral these days. Perhaps you should try making some fresh fruit juices with fruits available in your house.

5) Meditate
Meditation helps you keep your thoughts focused and makes you feel relaxed. You feel fresh and energetic and your mind would be full of optimistic ideas. 

6) Get yourself a head massage
Massage your scalp with oil after taking a shower. This will help you on blood circulation and will prevent any hair loss.

7) Learn a new language from online apps
In your free time, if you want to do something productive, you can try learning a new language from free apps like Duolingo

8) Binge watch movies or TV series on Netflix or Amazon Prime
Binge watching can never get tiring. There are plenty movies to watch on Netflix, Hulu or Prime Video and various genres to chose from. Also, there are free movies that are uploaded on YouTube that you can binge watch in your free time.

9) Play board games
If you have indoor board games like chess, carom, ludo, bingo, monopoly etc, you can play that to pass time with your family. 
There are apps like Charades and logo quiz on the app store to download if you don't have any board games at home.

10) Try to enact a play
If you have a toddler, try to enact plays to narrate a story to him/her, this makes the story feel more real and makes the experience of listening to stories fun for your child. 

11) Have an indoor picnic
Make sandwiches and fresh fruit juices, stalk them in a picnic basket(if you have one) and lay a mat on the floor near the windows or the flower pots. Enjoy your indoor picnic with your family watching the sunset.

12)Try solving Sudoku
If you have old news papers stalked up in your house, gather them and search for Sudoku puzzles. This way you can spend your time strengthening  your  brain power.

13) Plan an indoor treasure hunt game
You can hide objects at different places and make maps or leave clues for your child to play treasure hunt at your house. This helps  keep your child occupied and increase his/her attention span.

14) Listen to your favorite soundtracks and dance to the rhythm
Listening to music can always uplift your mood and dancing keeps the anxiety of being locked down at bay! You feel instantly happy and free when you listen to your favorite jams. 

15) Learn new hobbies
Learn a few activities that you've always wished to try but didn't get time to pursue it. You can always try drawing, sketching, painting, learning calligraphy etc.

16) Call your besties , family and relatives
This is a good way to keep in touch with your closed ones without actually meeting them. If you wish to see each other, there's always face-time/ video calling apps to stay in touch. Call your friends and keep being updated about their life and routine during quarantine. This can be a good time-pass!  

17) Paint your nails like DIY nail art ideas.
There are a lot of nail art ideas online for painting your nails. There are varieties of easy nail art designs like french manicure, acrylic, gel, paraffin,American,Hot stone, Reverse French manicure etc.

18) Read your favorite books or novels
Reading makes you smarter, improves your memory, vocabulary and language skills. It lowers your stress levels and gives you a different perspective to life. 

19) Manage your wardrobe 
Organize your closet by category and colour and throw the old and unfitting clothes out. Store everything in a right place. This helps you create clarity and to avoid chaos of trying to find the right choice of outfit.

20) Plant a tree
Everyone knows about the benefits that come to the human life after planting a tree. Even planting a single sapling counts as your contribution in saving the environment. 

21) Write a letter to a loved one (who passed away/ who's presence you miss the most in your life)
In the era of modern technology where you can communicate by sending a text message within seconds, what about the people who have left your life? How do you communicate with them? You can express your feelings about the memories of good times that you spent with your loved ones, who have passed away, to whom you didn't get to say goodbye, by writing a letter to them. It may not really reach them but your thoughts would be emitted out of your brain. This way you don't pile up everything in your mind and you feel relieved

22) Adopt a new workout routine
Constantly exercising  every morning helps in weight loss and makes your muscles and bones strong. It also, reduces the risk of chronic diseases, makes your skin heal and increases your energy levels. 

23) Try composing a poetry
This helps you heal your emotional pain and also helps to discover the meaning of some new words.

24) Start leaning YOGA
Opting for this workout routine helps increasing flexibility, respiratory health, improved athletic flexibility, muscle strength, cardio and circulatory health, protection from injury etc.

25) Get your beauty sleep
Who does not love sleeping? In fact getting an uninterrupted 7 to 8 hours sleep can have many advantages. Sleeping reduces stress, inflammation, makes you more alert, improves your memory, reduces risk of  depression and much more . So, start planning a nap schedule now! 

Share your quarantine routine and tell us whether you follow any of the above mentioned activities with your loved ones now! 


  1. This is a great list of creative activities that are easy and make learning about new things fun!

  2. I really liked a lot of your suggestions here. I especially appreciate that you gave some tips for people with kids. Gotta entertain them too!!

    1. Yeah. Sometimes it's difficult to keep kids entertained. Glad you liked it. Thank you for your comment!

  3. I love so many of the creative ideas you present here; I am a big letter writer so I have been sending many letters to friends and delighting in writing poetry.

    Cleaning has also taken up a part of my new routine! :)


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