Radisson Blu Resort and Spa- Alibaug

Radisson Blu Resort and Spa- Alibaug

 Gondhalpada, Varasoli, Alibag, Maharashtra 402209

We visited Radisson Blu Resort and Spa Karjat on March 2019.  A huge property. Stayed in one of the most beautifully located spa villa. the villas are called spa villas as they are located directly in front of the spa area. The food was good the staff was courteous. The Spa was the real icing on the cake. A highly recommended resort. Their room service is very prompt. Though this place is away from the beach that was my only issue. My preference is to stay nearer to the beach. The hotel is a bit far from the Mandwa jetty overall the location of the hotel is average but once your reach the property you will feel that it is definitely worth your money!  (Alibaug beach is 2-3 kms away from Radisson)

Getting there:-
We went to the property to have a relaxed beach weekend getaway from Mumbai. we had used our own car for transport but if you prefer ferry rides and want the complete sea experience there are also ferries that depart from Gateway of India mumbai to Mandwa port in alibaug.
if you decide to travel by car the average distance from mumbai to radisson alibaug will be 93 kilometeres that is roughly 2 hours and 30 minutes from Mumbai.
The quickest way to get from Mumbai to Radisson Blu Resort and Spa,Alibaug is to taxi which costs ₹2,300 - ₹2,800 and takes 1h 19m.
The cheapest way to get from Mumbai to Radisson Blu Resort and Spa,Alibaug is to (self) drive which costs ₹650 - ₹1,000 and takes 1h 19m.

Best time to visit:-
The best time to visit alibaug  is in between November to July to enjoy the beaches. 
 Between August to October, you can explore the region in the rainy days, which exposes the lush green beauty of Alibaug. However, do note that boat service between Mumbai and Alibaug is not functional during the rainy season.

Aparanta was the name of the restaurant in the hotel in which the complimentary breakfast was provided.
It has one of the best buffet meals in recent times. The chinese food is alright. The Italian fare is a better bet at this restaurant.
The restaurant can get very busy on weekends as most people staying at the hotel come there to eat.
Overall, great food. Prices are of course on the higher side as it is in a 5-star hotel.
Lot of options for veggies and non-veg. Breakfast has a good spread. For meals try the Seafood. It serves Indian Asian Italian and Chinese cuisines. the desert section is a must try!

What to do in Varsoli:-
Varsoli is a village in Mawal taluka of Pune district in the state of Maharashtra, India. You can visit the Varsoli beach and indulge in water sports which is 2 to 3 kilometeres away from the hotel property. The hotel also offers to drive cycles to Kankeshwar temple which is 11 kilometeres from Varsoli beach. You can also visit the Kolaba fort which is 2.8 kilometeres from Varsoli beach.

Hotel Ammenities:- 
  • The Alibaug hotel's 16-acre property houses 156 rooms, a spa and a library for an absolutely quaint time.
  • The top-notch amenities of the resort, such as the gym and the swimming pool pamper endlessly, while the 'Thinking Room' allows for much-needed solace. There is also a kids play area.

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